Halloween Playlist

Even though I’m sure everyone and their dog has created a Halloween Playlist by now (I’m assuming), I am going to post a list of songs that I really like that I’m currently enjoying to get me in the mood for Halloween. By the way, I plan on being Han Solo. I feel like that is pretty fitting for this year since the new Star Wars movie comes out in December. Though I always have a backup idea in case at the last minute I can’t pull it off… and this year… costume number two is Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. I think I could totally pull her off.

Anyways, are some songs from my playlist for Halloween. It’s made up of some classics, and maybe future classics.

“I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

“Season of the Witch” by Donovan

“Ghost N Stuff” by deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire

“Howl” by Florence and the Machine

“Into the Woods/The Witch” by Danny Elfman

“The Wolf” by Fever Ray

“Spellbound” by Siouxsie and The Banshees

“Celestial Crown” by The Sword

“I Want To Tear You Apart” by She Wants Revenge

“Feral Love” by Chelsea Wolfe


Bland First Post

It’s been a month since I’ve created this blog, and I think I’m a bit overdue for a first post. Mostly, I hate introduction posts because it’s such an awkward thing to do. You’re trying to set yourself up, while at the same time trying not to be cliche. It’s a bit stressful in itself.

At the beginning of the summer, I moved from a city (town… it seems more fitting) with a population of around 17,000 people to a much larger city with a population of 57,000. Of course, both numbers come from the 2013 surveys, so I’m not sure how close everything is now that it’s 2015. The point is, I went from a small city, to a much larger one.

Since I like writing I decided to start this blog to keep myself busy, and to show to potential employers if I ever apply for a writing position. I mostly write prose, so keeping a blog for social media could be easy. Obviously, not as easy as I thought it would be because it took me a whole month to come up with a first post.

Here I will be writing a few posts a week. I will post anything from DIYs, recipes, playlists, events, and maybe random adventures I tend to go on. I will probably also write reviews over places, books, and movies. Since I’ve moved to a different location, I would like to try new and different things. Also, just to let all my readers (if I eventually get any) know, I have a standard poodle named Alex and you will see a lot of her. Normally, I take her wherever I go and end up taking more pictures of her than of anything else. I know, I’m like that crazy cat lady… but with a dog.


It will be safe for all to assume all the pictures I post on here will be my own. I will do my best to correctly cite pictures (and references) if I barrow any from other sites.

I know this was sort of a bland first post, but just stay with me. Maybe next time I will post my October Playlist.