Bland First Post

It’s been a month since I’ve created this blog, and I think I’m a bit overdue for a first post. Mostly, I hate introduction posts because it’s such an awkward thing to do. You’re trying to set yourself up, while at the same time trying not to be cliche. It’s a bit stressful in itself.

At the beginning of the summer, I moved from a city (town… it seems more fitting) with a population of around 17,000 people to a much larger city with a population of 57,000. Of course, both numbers come from the 2013 surveys, so I’m not sure how close everything is now that it’s 2015. The point is, I went from a small city, to a much larger one.

Since I like writing I decided to start this blog to keep myself busy, and to show to potential employers if I ever apply for a writing position. I mostly write prose, so keeping a blog for social media could be easy. Obviously, not as easy as I thought it would be because it took me a whole month to come up with a first post.

Here I will be writing a few posts a week. I will post anything from DIYs, recipes, playlists, events, and maybe random adventures I tend to go on. I will probably also write reviews over places, books, and movies. Since I’ve moved to a different location, I would like to try new and different things. Also, just to let all my readers (if I eventually get any) know, I have a standard poodle named Alex and you will see a lot of her. Normally, I take her wherever I go and end up taking more pictures of her than of anything else. I know, I’m like that crazy cat lady… but with a dog.


It will be safe for all to assume all the pictures I post on here will be my own. I will do my best to correctly cite pictures (and references) if I barrow any from other sites.

I know this was sort of a bland first post, but just stay with me. Maybe next time I will post my October Playlist.


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